Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hello :)


It's hard to believe that i'm on this blog for 6 years! Since 2008 I shared my life experience on this website. It is undeniably amazing. Well, actually i'm (technically) not active on this blog, but if you see my draft, you will impressed. Why? Because i wrote sooo many writings, without publishing it. I don't know maybe that's because i'm not in a good mood to share to you all. Or maybe i'm not ready to share my kind of post that i've never done before.

If you take a look at my last post, it was surprisingly a childish post of me. It's funny to read 'em all today, because i don't believe i am that embarassing. :')

So, in this post, all new of me will begin. I will write a post maturely and after this post (hopefully) i will write something that worth to post. See ya in the next post!

With love,