Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Lost in the Ocean

Ocean is the picture of heart

No one knows how deep is someone's heart over another until you dive into it and find out by yourself
I'm often letting myself drown too deep into someone's ocean 

Drown... Not dive...

I realize I can't swim but I always go near the coastline and getting swept by the waves
I'm too curious for someone who is just... Me....
The helpless one
Whose heart is twisted 
Whose mind is messed 

And here he comes, The Helper..
He dives to help me out from drowning
He, by bringing laughter and joy into my life, saved me
But he again, by bringing up his twisted heart and messed up mind, confused me

Me and him, whose heart and mind are in the same state, don't know what to do
Me and him, lost.

So long, You...